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Categories (19)

Access & Passwords

Requesting access to systems, password resets.

Administrative Applications & Services

Available administrative applications and support.

Business Intelligence (BI) - Reporting and Analytics

Services in this category focus on new analytical and planning tools which assist in instructional and divisional resource planning and provide insight into student behaviour (e.g. enrolment and retention).

Classroom, Labs & Printing

Services available in classrooms and labs.

Communication & Collaboration

Various services supporting communication and collaboration

Consulting & Contract Services

Specialized consulting services offered

Desktop and Device Services, Training & Support

Help Desks, training, and Support resources for desktops and mobile devices.

Financial Services

Initiatives in the Financial Services Groups involve making financial related data available to the respective business owners / decision makers. These initiatives could take the form of financial reporting, interfacing of financial data from the business owner to SAP or extracting data from SAP and interfacing to the business owners third party application.

Human Resources (HR)

Services in this category focus on the implementation and enhancement of HR systems and processes. This includes SAP HCM & Payroll, Kronos Time & Attendance, Taleo Recruitment and Onboarding, HR Reporting Initiatives, Self-Service, and next generation exploration with SuccessFactors.

Information Security

Information Security resources, guidelines, and tools.

Internet, Network, Server & Storage Infrastructure

Resources + support for acquisition, maintenance + disposal of hardware + software.

Learning Technologies & Supporting Tools

Tools and resources supporting learning and classroom activities.

Procurement Services

Initiatives in the Procurement Group deal with the purchasing needs of U of T. Whether this is the medium by which staff procure goods (USource) or a workflow that allows staff to easily turn a purchase request to a purchase order. Any developments in this area would be to increase services or streamline current offerings.

Research Administration

The Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation (VPRI) seeks to firmly establish the University of Toronto as the best practice institution in Canada in the administration of research. In addition to a qualified and dedicated staff, this will require state-of-the-art tools and processes to ensure the effective, efficient, complete, accurate and transparent management of research activities that is harmonized across VPRI units and with partner offices in the academic divisions and other vice-presidential portfolios. A number of opportunities to enhance business processes through the application of appropriate technology are already identified. Collectively these enhancements are referred to as the RAISE Project, with each individual enhancement referred to as a sub-project.

Research Computing

Research computing systems, tools and support.

Software & Licensing

Software and licenses available via agreements with vendors.

Student Applications

Services in this category focus on solutions designed to facilitate the lives of our students

Web Publishing

Tools and platforms used for publishing disparate content to the Web.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management, IAM refers to a framework of policies and technologies for ensuring that the proper people in an enterprise have the appropriate access to technology resources. Also called identity management (IdM), IAM systems fall under the overarching umbrella of IT security.